The West Virginia Constitution requires that all real property located in the state, be assessed at true and actual value for ad valorem property tax purposes each year. The assessment or "lien date" is July first.
The Assessor's Office uses Real Estate Data Collectors to appraise property for ad valorem tax purposes. State law currently requires the Assessor's Office to visit and review your property at least once every three years. All Jackson County Data Collectors carry photo ID cards issued from the Assessor and County Commission. Real Property in West Virginia is assessed on a mass appraisal method established by the WV State Tax Department and authorized by the WV Legislature. Each County Assessor's Office must monitor and track real estate sales and also monitor construction costs as a part of this state mandated mass appraisal method. Property values in each county must be comparable to real market conditions which requires that all real property holdings be reviewed at least once every three years.

If you build anything new or tear anything down on your property, you should make the Assessor's Office aware of this change as soon as possible. If you have questions about your property appraisal, please call the Assessor's Office and we will be happy to review our information with you.
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Calculating Your Real Estate Tax

 In order to calculate your properties appraised value each year, look at your tax ticket and find the box labeled VALUATION. If you have Homestead Exemption, you should use the higher number shown on the ticket. Since in West Virginia we have a 60% assessment level, you need to DIVIDE this valuation by .6 (decimal point six). This calculation will give you the FAIR MARKET VALUE of your property as determined by the Assessor's Office for that Tax Year.

To calculate your property taxes, multiply your assessed valuation (the one listed on the tax ticket net of Homestead Exemption if applicable) by the tax rate shown in the box labeled RATE. The resulting calculation is the yearly amount of property taxes on your property. The five Levying Bodies set their own individual rates. The Assessor determines the market value of your property each year but does not determine your taxes. Tax rates are set by the levying bodies.

A Few Words about Tax Maps

The formal use of county tax maps for assessment purposes was first required in 1961 by the West Virginia Department of Tax and Revenue to aid in locating and assessing real estate. These maps are also frequently used by Jackson County residents, attorneys, realtors, surveyors and financial institutions to aid in the various aspects of researching title and conveying land. The Assessor is not required by State Code to have a map room open to the public, but as a courtesy, this office makes tax maps available to all persons. Maintaining the tax maps is a detailed and continuing process and to insure the integrity of the maps, this office retains the services of an experienced and fully qualified cartographer. Photo-copies of current year tax maps can be obtained by calling the Real Estate office at (304) 373-2240.

GIS Mapping

GIS, "Geographic Information System," is a new computer based system of mapping that utilizes layers of different types of information. Some of these layers may include tax parcels, roads, rivers and streams, utility easements, agricultural use, soil type, digital photographs, latitude/longitude readings, aerial photography, etc.. Based upon the combination of these and other types of layers and attributes, specialized maps can then be created on a color plotter. Here in Jackson County, the Assessor's Office is committed, along with the County Commission, to pursuing this new technology in the most cost effective manner available. .

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